Shopping at a luxury consignment online store for designer clothing can be nerve-wracking. Firstly because there's a lot of pressure to choose the right items, and secondly, because there's always a fear of the item turning out to be fake.

At Swap Boutique, we ensure our couture consignments are properly authenticated as we take them into our collection. When you shop with us, breathe easy knowing that we've crossed all the Ts and dotted the Is. Our customers can focus on making a selection with no fear of being scammed.

If you'd like to find some advice about how to choose the right accessories, check out our blog post. 

If you'd prefer to do your check when you purchase boutique handbags or designer clothing, here are some things you could look out for.

Too Good to Be True

Designer tops on sale are not unheard of. However, if the items are being sold at an incredibly discounted rate, especially if they're new, you have plenty of reason to be suspicious. Swap Boutique can sell designer consignments in New Orleans at half the market value because our pieces are pre-loved.

A high-end designer is unlikely to sacrifice profit margins for a sale.

Examine the Logo Closely

Copycat designers sometimes create what is almost an exact copy but change the logo just a little to avoid litigation. Take a close look at the brand label and compare it to what you see on their website. Luxury consignments would never be mislabeled. Even the smallest discrepancy could indicate deception.

Do a Quality Check

Examine the minor details closely. The seams, the stitching, and the pockets. Do you see any flaws? Are there any loose threads or manufacturing oversights? It's a possibility that the item you're looking at might be original but damaged. However, remember how meticulously handmade designer clothing and designer shoes are made.

Any big flaws can point to the fact that it's a fake.

Do a Brand-Specific Check

Louboutins have the signature red bottoms, and Goyard bags have serial numbers on the leather purse strap. Look up the brand you're shopping for to see if they have a marker for their couture consignments.

 A woman who shopped at an online woman's clothing boutique

Swap Boutique is a designer boutique that's couture back to mainstream fashion. Fast fashion is terrible for the environment, and in our opinion, the fact that it's mass-produced and in line with the trends isn't a good thing.

Our designer consignments in New Orleans and online are geared toward showing people what it is about luxury clothing that makes it worth the extra money and upkeep. When shopping for designer dressesdesigner tops, or designer bags, you have more freedom to set yourself apart, and items are more personal. We want shoppers to have an authentic but affordable entry point into the world of luxury fashion, so they're encouraged to challenge trends.

To find out more about our philosophy, give us a call at (504) 304-6025.


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