Have you ever heard a woman say ‘I just need one bag’ – probably not, because no woman would ever say that. Purses are probably the most important accessory in a woman’s closet. You can’t ever have too many types of purses – no other accessory elevates your style and adds to a look like a purse does.

An average American woman owns at least 11 bags. It is because we all love buying bags that can go for different looks – you don’t just carry one bag with everything! Shopping for bags is extremely fun and can be made even more fun if you look in the right places. So, before you get to shopping – let us tell you about four purses every girl needs to have in her closet.

1. The Everyday Purse

Every girl needs a bag that she can pick and be on her way. You want this one to be stylish but also comfy – so you can carry it around easily and get your chores done. Get this one in a neutral color so it goes with all your outfits and can be your go-to bag with your everyday essentials.

2. A Crossbody Bag

Crossbody purses are great statement pieces – and something to keep your hands free. These mostly go with all of your outfits (just pick a good color!) and are great if you go out with your friends to party or the mall, where you would like your hands to be free.


3. The Tote Bag

This is one bag that probably every woman out there has in her closet (as she should). Tote bags are stylish, but they are also multi-functional and perfect if you lead a busy life and need one chic bag that would hold everything for you.

4. A Clutch

Tiny but super cute – clutches are a great accessory to create your evening look. You shouldn’t be carrying around those large handbags when you are all dressed up; that is why you always need to have a clutch in your wardrobe.

So, there you have our four essential types of purses you need to have in your closet. To make this list come true – you need to shop smartly and buy things under your budget. Make Swap Boutique™ your go-to place for fresh, contemporary designer consignments in New Orleans, at one-third of the price compared to high-end shopping venues. Reach out to our women’s designer boutique today if you wish to indulge in some guilt-free shopping!

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