Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring my items in on hangers?

No, you may bring in your items on hangers or neatly folded. However, we prefer hangers because they are easier to sort and itemize, and your items stay wrinkle free.

How much will you price the items?

Each item is typically priced at 60%-80% off of the original retail value, considering brand, condition, style, demand, etc. Some highly coveted brands and designer jewelry may be even higher to help you earn a better return.

What if I signed up for commission but want to switch to store credit?

You can always use any money you have on account toward your purchase. If you would like to switch any of your contract terms, you can make the change for your next consignment appointment for all future items.

What types of items are you looking for?

Our customers love on-trend apparel, handbags and accessories. We accept designer clothing, jewelry, watches, shoes and handbags and specialize in contemporary and couture high-end labels. During Mardi-Gras season, we also accept formal gowns to outfit our customers for all of the local balls. We will accept complimentary pieces such as J-Crew, BCBG, etc. We cannot sell suits or maternity wear, due to limited space.

When do you mark down the items?

The items remain at the original price for thirty days. Items are marked down at gradual increments between 10% and up to 70% off.  Your commission is calculated off of the selling price.

When will I get my check?

Checks are cut the first week of every month for account balances that are $100 and above by the last day of the previous month. If your account is not yet at $100, money will continue to accrue on your account. If your remaining balance is less than $100, you can come in to Swap to get your cash payout at the end of your consignment period as long as you no longer have items that are active on the selling floor. Please refer to our contract.