The Overstock Solution: getting a return on your unsold merchandise

The following information applies exclusively with boutiques who join our overstock program. If you are interested in consigning your designer women's apparel and accessories with Swap Boutique(C), please email us at We would love to discuss this partnership opportunity with you.

Why Consign?

  • Consigning is a rewarding sales channel for liquidating your unsold merchandise in your Women's Clothing and Accessories collections.
  • Make room to showcase your full-priced items and reduce storage clutter.
  • Increase your ROI.
  • Earn capital to purchase new inventory.
  • Remove clearance items to promote the full-priced merchandise. 

How Consignment Works:

  • Boutiques receive 50% commission on all items sold.
  • Pricing starts at 50% off the original retail price.
  • Items can be sold for 75 days, or rotated between stores without expiration. Checks are mailed monthly.
  • Detailed inventory lists correspond with item numbers on the checks allowing you to reference sold items.

Why Choose Swap?

  • Higher return on your investment: Many of our clients choose to consign rather than liquidate because the make up to 25% of the RETAIL value per piece.
  • Income: Swap offers a 15% pay advance for all items consigned. This helps our boutique partners earn immediate income to purchase new inventory.
  • Confidentiality: We respect the privacy of each of our boutique partners and keep all partners completely confidential.

Swap's Multiple Locations and Online Presence:

Swap has three locations: in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and Miami as well as an online store. We can place items in any location you choose, or we can rotate your merchandise in all stores. Many of our partners benefit from the multiple locations because we attract a different demographic in each shop. Our ultimate goal is to get our partners the highest return on each item or Women's Clothing and accessories.


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