Accessories are a great way to make any boring outfit look cool. They play an essential role in highlighting your personality through your clothes. But sometimes, people go overboard with the accessories and create a fashion disaster. Here are a few things to consider when pairing accessories with your favorite designer clothes.

Keep The Color Scheme In Mind

Accessories shouldn’t always be the same color as your outfit, but they shouldn’t be too far off of it either. Another thing is to use silver and gold with solid color clothing. If you’re wearing a black long dress, gold or silver jewelry pieces will go great with it. If you prefer wearing chunky jewelry pieces, a simple t-shirt and jeans will make your jewelry pieces stand out. A simple watch can add class to a formal outfit.

The Right Size Of Handbag

The idea of matching your bag with your clothes is bad. A handbag should complement your clothes without drawing too much attention away from the outfit. For example, if you’re wearing bright-colored clothes and heels, you can pick a black or beige handbag to go with it. Similarly, if you’re wearing muted colors, a red or white handbag will be perfect.

Belts Don’t Go With Everything

While belts are a great way to bring a look together, they’re overused way too much. If you’ve already got a selection of accessories to go with your outfit, it’s best to leave the belt out. Paring belts with accessory-heavy outfits makes the outfit look chunky and tasteless, instead, pair belts with outfits that use minimal jewelry. That way, the best would act as an accent piece and will give your outfit a sophisticated look.

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Don’t Over-Do The Jewelry

It’s recommended to wear at least one piece of jewelry to prevent your outfit from looking boring. Many people fail to understand this and wear full sets of jewelry with bright and eye-catching outfits. It just makes the outfit look confusing. A good rule of thumb with heavy jewelry is to pick one statement piece like a necklace or earrings to pair with your outfit. That way, you can rock the bold and brighter look without overdoing it.

Bright Clothes Or Bright Accessories?

Always pick one, not both. As mentioned before, paring attention-grabbing accessories with bright clothes makes the whole look tacky. You can either have bright clothes or bold accessories. That goes for jewelry, bags, and shoes. You should focus on picking accessories that compliment each other rather than those that compete for attention— bright clothes with light accessories and bold accessories with plain clothes.

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