Fancy or not, nothing can add oomph to your outfit like jewelry can. It is the staple in every woman’s wardrobe; it defines your style and personality – and it gives your clothes a pick-me-up vibe if you choose your accessories wisely.

So, if you are dressing to impress, you need to have tips and tricks on accessorizing like a pro and let your beauty sparkle with your jewelry. Here is your favorite women’s designer boutique’s guide to style your jewelry and make sure your bling is always looking its best!

Play With Layers

Whether it is your bangles, rings, or necklaces – stacking it up can add so much more blitz to your look! Learn to experiment with different types of textures, colors, and styles. Layered necklaces look great with a deep v neckline, or even a turtleneck, and with solid colored shirts instead of patterns or prints. Similarly, layered bracelets would look great on your bare arms or even full-sleeved shirts.

 bracelets on hand

Say it All With Your Earrings

Earrings make for a great statement piece. First things first, you should pick earrings that would complement your hair, skin tone, and outfit and something that would frame your face perfectly. Don’t be afraid to play with bold colors, sparkly material, and cool designs to spruce up your date-night outfit or even a casual one!

Mix Those Metals!

Don’t be afraid to play with the metals and different colors. You don’t have to stick with just silver, gold, or metal; if you know how to do it right – you can mix it up and look great!

Wear Your Jewelry According to The Occasion

Don’t go out wearing glitzy earrings with your casual summer top and jeans, and don’t go out wearing those colorful bracelets with your date-night dress. This one is pretty easy, right? You need to make sure you are accessorizing your outfit according to where you are going – and what you will be doing; this can make all the difference!

You can find great options at your favorite designer stores, and if you are on a budget, at some good couture consignment. You can find everything you are looking for at our designer consignment in New Orleans to complete your look. You can find all the latest luxury designer dresses, designer tops, designer pants, designer shoes, and jewelry items at Swap Boutique. Contact us today or visit our website to place your orders!

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