When you find trendy clothes at reasonable prices, you can’t help but buy more than you need. Not many of us go over the thought that buying excessive number of shoes, handbags, and designer tops for women often leads to mass production and therefore a major amount of clothing waste. Overproduction leads to harmful environmental aftereffects, but what other choice do we have?

What if we told you, that you can make sustainable fashion choices? Seems interesting, right? We are just as worried about the world as you are, which is why we have compiled a few ways you can replace fast fashion choices with sustainable, more eco-friendly styling choices.   

Let’s explore some sustainable fashion choices, together!

Give Yourself the 30-Wear Test

According to fashion experts, people move along with changing trends, and often find themselves avoiding to wear a piece of clothing more than twice. In order to make your shopping choice sustainable, it’s important that you go through a 30-wear test. Whenever you’re about to buy an article of clothing, it’s important that you stop and ask yourself if you will wear it 30 or more times. If not, then you shouldn’t be investing in it.

Give Your Clothes a New Spin

 A person wearing a denim button down over a t-shirt and adding a knot detail

Every time you feel you’re bored of a clothing item, just look at it and think how you can change it up. Instead of replacing designer clothes for women with more clothes, try switching it up. See if you can add buttons, or change the sleeves to give it a new look. Add new details, or cut the clothes to make new ones.

By doing this, you are limiting the amount of clothes you buy, and therefore, also limiting the number of clothes you waste.

Don’t Throw Out Your Clothes

Clothes that have stopped exciting you don’t necessarily have to be thrown out. What doesn’t excite you might be appealing to someone else. Instead of throwing out your clothes, make responsible decisions. Try to donate your clothes to charity so that someone else might be able to use them. You can even sell your clothes to consignment boutiques like the Swap Boutique.

Second Hand or Hand-Me Downs

Do you have a party to attend but don’t have new clothes? Buying party wear dresses online can be extremely expensive; instead you could buy second hand clothes from a local thrift store, or choose a hand-me down from your siblings. What seemed annoying as a child might be of immense use to you as an adult!

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