Unlike summer’s hot and humid days, winter is the perfect time to try out the latest fashion trends. But what about the fabrics! Fabrics play a huge role in giving your winter clothing a rich and sophisticated look. The right fabric can enhance your look, while the wrong one can ruin it. Here are the top 5 fabrics that have been popular with online shoppers this year.


A decade ago, fleece wasn’t a part of mainstream fashion. Nowadays, it has become a staple in winter clothing. Compared to wool, fleece is lighter, cheaper, and softer. Because of this is has become a go-to option for people shopping on a budget.  Not only that, but fleece comes in a wide variety, from coats and hoodies to sweatpants and sweatshirts. It’s also not itchy like wool and can be paired with different fabrics.


Cashmere is the epitome of high-end winter fashion. The fabric is three times more insulating than wool and can be made into scarfs, coats, jumpers, and sweaters. The downside is that it comes with a heavy price tag and needs a lot of care to keep it durable. The fabric is made from the undercoat of the cashmere goat and has ultra-fine fibers. People usually keep their cashmere pieces for special occasions.


Wool is the most commonly used winter fabric. It can be molded into a range of coats, sweaters, and hoodies. The fabric is considerably cheap and lasts long if worn with care. Another great thing is that, unlike fleece, wool gives a sophisticated look that’s perfect for your family dinners. Despite being slightly itchy at times, it’s one of the most brought fabrics by consumers.

 Hoodies hung on a rack


Leather is a great fabric worn all year, but it’s best suited for fall and early winter. Leather jackets are a staple in winter fashion, and your wardrobe is incomplete if you don’t own one. While the debate of being unsustainable is rampant, there have been vegan and synthetic alternatives to leather for people who prefer a sustainable alternative. The fabric may be a bit expensive, but it can last for decades if worn with care.


Velvet is a must-have item in your winter clothing. With the right accessories, it can give a rich and classy vibe. The texture and shine of the fabric make it stand out, which is why it’s used for making dresses. Aside from that, the fabric has a soft texture, and it doesn’t feel heavy. Velvet is a common choice of attire for Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners as it looks reserved while being glamorous.

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