Parties and celebrations in general are a great way to commemorate major milestones and important events like a high school or college graduation, birthdays, and weddings. They’re packed with excitement, and because attendees can have such emotionally charged experiences, the occasions themselves are difficult to forget.

A special event being memorable is great, but shockingly, there’s a drawback. Apart from the fact that big celebrations are so heavily documented through pictures and videos by the loved ones attending, people also tend to remember the way you were dressed. If you’re the type who's conscious about how you dress, this creates a significant hurdle in that an elaborate get-up may become a stand-alone outfit for one occasion. It really can seem like the investment was made for naught if it’s stored away after only wearing it once.

A cost-effective alternative to buying luxury wear first-hand is, you guessed it, buying it second-hand! Special designer consignment stores are increasingly attracting client traffic in growing numbers because people can see the benefits that are in store for them when shopping through consignment. We’ll take a look at the factors that makes this venture so popular.

1. Variety

Besides the obvious affordability factor that draws in people, a huge aspect that makes consignment so desirable is its ability to offer you a wide range of fashion items under one roof. Most primary retail stores will have stock according to season and trend, but consignment stores keep inventories of everything from limited edition items to out of season collections.

All this makes for a great shopping experience because you get to show up in high-end fashion at a special occasion, but at half the price!

 A pair of wedding-wear heels

2. Resale

After you’ve worn your luxury fit at a celebration and made happy memories with it, you can put the outfit right back for resale via the consignment store you got it from, and the product will instantly be exposed to hundreds of buyers willing to purchase it for high value. It’s a win-win situation for you both during purchase and resale.

3. Environmentally Friendly

You won't have to deal with a guilty conscience when buying things second-hand, because by nature it’s a sustainable venture. The luxury fashion industry is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and textile waste, but the resale market stands in opposition to it and enables recycling in place of the manufacturing of newer goods.

Becoming a contributor to environmental pollution through first-hand designer shopping for the sake of just one occasion seems like a hefty burden to bear. And you’re not alone in thinking that! Many Americans are becoming increasingly inclined towards “green” solutions for various lifestyle aspects in order to be more responsible.

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