Worth more than $37 billion and increasing by approximately 10% annually, the designer consignment market is the future of luxury fashion. By definition, designer consignment is an arrangement wherein pre-owned luxury items are placed on sale at discounted prices through a consignment store, which in turn allows for maximum exposure to interested buyers.

Owing to the pandemic, people are ever the more appreciative of the luxury resale business, because not only are designer consignment stores becoming digitalized creating convenience, high-end fashion you can ordinarily only marvel at through runaway shows are now easily accessible to people on tight budgets.

Designer consignment is a rare business model where everyone is at an advantage. The seller of the luxury item, the middle link which is the store, and most importantly, you, the buyer—all reap the benefits of investing in consignment. If you’re a first time shopper, here are some aspects of the designer consignment shopping experience you can look forward to.

Amazing Accessibility

Luxury fashion you would have otherwise never imagined donning becomes a very plausible scenario with consignment shopping. Since designer stores only approve of items that are in tip-top shape, you can expect to get your hands on high-end wear that’s only been used gently but doesn’t even look that way if you hadn’t known better.

Designer items through consignment only cost around half of their original retail price, making them more affordable by a landslide. So if you’ve always wanted a Chanel handbag, now is your chance!

There’s So Much Variety

If you’re a prospective buyer with a love for limited edition items, you’ll be happy to know that through designer consignment there’s variety in luxury goods in more ways than one. Not only are items from all hallmark fashion names available in one place, but you have at your disposal variety in category and access to older collections. Plus there’s high chance you’ll come across rare pieces that only a handful of people own!

  A collection of designer accessories

It’s in Line with Your Values

A brand that’s environmentally conscious can be a deal-maker for responsible buyers. The designer consignment industry helps cut down manufacturing processes by contributing to a circular economy and reducing carbon footprints by recycling in-demand fashion items.

If you’re all about making the most of owned valuables, consignment is the right choice for you. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing you’re helping extend the life of good as new pieces that would’ve otherwise been discarded and contributed to pollution.

Looking for a designer consignment store online?

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