Fashion is essentially an art form. The artist (the wearer) pulls together assorted clothing items to create an outfit representing them and their style. However, like art, fashion needs a focal point to make the final result more intriguing and well-balanced. This is the point where a viewer’s eye is naturally drawn to.

A masterful arrangement of these points can convert a simple outfit into something special, like how a simple scarf over the shoulders can revitalize an entire look. Here’s all you need to know about focal points:

What are the focal points in an outfit?

Every garment that you come across has its own focal point, independent of the outfit. Whether it’s a pocket, pleats, gatherings, a yoke, or a collar, every clothing item has something that creates a center of interest.

The focal center may be a certain piece of the overall outfit, such as a pair of shoes, a blouse, or a skirt. It can also be an accessory or detail such as bangles, brooches, sleeves, necklaces, or even gloves and scarves.

How to emphasize the focal point

Coordinated focal points can make your outfit more interesting. The elegant balance and diversity of details can garner viewers’ attention. There are three different approaches for emphasizing a part of your outfit as its focal point:


The size of your chosen focal point needs to complement the garment’s proportions. Be sure to thoroughly consider how you’re going to place your garments in order to create an impact while retaining a center of interest.

Color scheme

Let one color dominate the entire look while the others complement it and balance the rest of the outfit. Don’t go for clashing colors that would confuse the eye.

Decoration and patterns

Different patterns serve different purposes. Some might be dominant and active, while others may be barely visible or only serve to further enhance the focal piece. For instance, you can pair a decorative top with a pair of plain pants to achieve a chic look.

The texture of your clothing and decoration also catches a lot of attention, so make sure to choose something that fits your lifestyle, personality, and age.

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