Expensive or not, no one wants their clothes to lose luster as time passes.

At Swap Boutique, we appreciate how much value our clothes have. Not just monetary value either, but sentimental value. If you want your clothes to remain as they were when you bought them while still getting good wear out of them, try the following:

Use Breathable Garment Bags

Go for materials like muslin or tissue. They'll inhibit any mold or fungus that may otherwise turn up. Avoid plastic dry cleaning bags because they trap moisture, making your silks and cashmere more welcoming for pests.

Customize For Every Piece

Don't fold or hang everything the same way. Consult a boutique employee when you buy a piece about whether you can do one or the other. Delicate designer dresses that have heavy work on them may be too weighted and rip. On the other hand, leather will take on crease marks if you fold it.

For pieces you fold, put a layer of acid-free paper between each layer of fabric.

Wire Hangers Are an Absolute No

Wires will mess with the framework of all kinds of clothing. They tend to create a pinched look at the shoulders that is extremely difficult to get rid of, especially if your piece can't be ironed.

Silica Gel Is Your Friend

Do you know those little packets in shoe boxes and medicine bottles? Well, don't throw them out. Put as many as possible in your closet to suck the moisture out of the air. If you can, try to slip one into each garment bag and shoe box, then wrap them up in dust bags. That way, each item has an additional layer of defense against pests.

Don't Forget Moths

Mothballs may be effective, but you don't want to pull out your precious couture only to smell like a mothball when you put it on. Sprinkle some essential oils instead. Lavender and cedar have understated scents but also deter moths and other pests. Do not put them directly on the clothes. Put some drops on the walls of the closet and make it part of a monthly ritual to let the closet breathe, and add some more oil.

If you have a spider problem in your home, consider some cinnamon oil.Designer consignment in New Orleans

Swap Boutique has a luxury consignment online store in New Orleans. We are dedicated to making couture consignments available at affordable prices while also helping the consigner benefit financially. Designer clothing should not be synonymous with exclusivity, in our opinion, which is we support fashion enthusiasts who still appreciate the difference between high-quality garb and fast fashion.

Our designer consignments in New Orleans and online are meant to create a community of clothing fans and allow them to participate in this ongoing swap. If you need to shop for cocktail dresses of the finer variety or sell designer shoes, we can help. Check out our online women's clothing boutique to purchase boutique handbags online.

To find out more about how we operate, give us a call at (504) 304-6025.

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