At Swap Boutique, we live for self-expression. Sometimes we use our clothing and accessories to express our love for neatness and order, and sometimes we choose chaos and color. Sometimes anything less than a bold statement just won't cut it.

To learn more about how it works when you shop for couture consignments,  check out this blog post. To make a statement with your clothes, embolden your whole look with a singular statement piece.

What's A Statement Piece?

Any item of clothing or accessory that stands out and draws attention qualifies as a statement piece. It could be a chunky necklace, an unconventionally colorful pair of trousers, or even a glittering tiara. They're typically worn on occasion to add something special to an outfit. Sort of like your own personal fashion signature.

Is There A Right Way To Wear One?

Swap Boutique is a firm believer that no one should dress by anyone else's rules. That said, if your statement piece is lost in a statement get-up, it doesn't really get a chance to speak for itself. If you want it to be the focal point and subtle feature of your aesthetic, here's how to cement it:

Make Sure It Captures Your Style

Since it's your signature, it has to capture you. Make sure you like wearing it and being seen in it. It should also be a step above your go-to clothing in terms of how eye-catching it is.

Be Comfortable Making Your Statement

Be as bold as you like. Then maintain it. Don't lose your nerve and try to remove or cover the piece. Wear it casually without trying to attract attention because your clothing will do that for you.

Don't Let Your Other Clothes Speak Over It

As aforementioned, there's a difference between a bold look and accentuating a look with a statement piece. Your selected item should work well with simpler outfits and luxury designer dresses.

Don't Force It into Looks That It Doesn't Serve

You might love it, but use it with purpose. Don't add it to outfits it doesn't compliment, or it might end up muddling an otherwise great look. Add it where it makes a positive impact. Use the small details of your look to match the piece so that it looks like it belongs but still stands out.

Woman wearing statement headpiece from designer women's boutique online

Swap Boutique makes high-end couture available to everyone at luxury consignment online stores and retail bases in New Orleans. By purchasing pre-loved pieces that are as good as new, giving them a good clean, and selling them at a massive discount, we're bringing designer clothes back to the mainstream.

Our designer consignments in New Orleans give the average person the option of choosing luxury pieces that will likely last forever. To move past the trends, check out our designer pants, designer tops, or designer bags online, and start creating one-of-a-kind looks that capture your style.

To find out more about how we do business, give us a call at (504) 304-6025.


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