At Swap Boutique, we love clothing that speaks for itself. Bold looks and pops of color that show you who the wearer is are exactly what we encourage our clientele to go for. If you'd like to learn how to create a signature look, check out this blog post.

However, when it comes to job interviews, you've got to be more particular. Surely your prospective workplace will value originality, but there's more to it. Depending on the position you're applying for, you need to express that while you're an independent thinker, you'll be able to apply that thinking to projects that align with a certain philosophy and work culture.

A more traditional corporation might be quite particular about its branding and be put off by the idea of a new employee wanting to shake everything up.

However, a start-up still building its identity might be deterred by someone who seems like they gravitate toward assimilation instead of taking control of things.

So before you start to pull things out of your closet or purchase boutique handbags online, here are the questions you need to ask:

What is This Workplace About?

When you write your cover letter, it's considered prudent to understand your to-be employer's philosophy so you can cater to it. Do the same with your clothing. Go through their website to see what their brand is like.

Putting Your Look Together

Choose each item carefully and inspect it for stains or loose threads. No matter the post, you don't want to look shabby.


Remember that while the interviewer may not notice your shoes, they will certainly notice if you can't walk in them. Choose a pair that is clean and comfortable (enough). If the job requires you to be on your feet quite a lot, avoid pencil heels and go for flats that help you highlight how quick you are on your feet.


If you've been to the office before, try to complement the other employees. Avoid dressing over the top and go for a clean, professional look. If you're shopping for the interview, don't get carried away when you Google "designer tops on sale for women".


Here's your opportunity to make a statement. Keep the accessories to a minimum, but choose a statement piece. We recommend a long necklace that hangs around the bottom of your ribs. It will elevate your effortlessly stylish look.


You might have the perfect tote bag; instead, go for something sleek and small. If you're carrying in documents, go for something with compartments, so you don't have to rifle through it when you're asked for them. Just avoid anything with unnecessary bulk because it will take away from your tidy look.

Woman wearing statement shirt from designer women's boutique online

Swap Boutique makes high-end couture affordable at our luxury consignment online store and retail bases in New Orleans. A job interview is exactly when you need to feel confident, so whether it's in high heels or sneakers and a tee, you can't go wrong with designer clothing.

Our designer consignments in New Orleans help you create timeless looks that set you apart. Fast fashion might be current with the trends, but when you buy our designer pantsdesigner tops, or designer bags, you make your own trends.

To find more about our couture consignments, give a call at (504) 304-6025. 

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