Fashion is all about wearing something you feel and look the best in, regardless of the ongoing trends in the industry. If you're into vintage and something that's not en vogue anymore, you should be confident enough to wear it regardless. Once you've discovered your personal style, you can choose similar outfits that flatter your figure.

We've come up with this guide to help you find outfits that highlight your favorite features and make you feel confident. Continue reading to learn more!

Determine Your Body Shape

You can easily determine your body shape through your silhouette. However, to be more accurate, you can use the following steps:

  • Measure your shoulders, as they're the widest part of your body, and note down the most accurate number.
  • Next up, measure the bust by standing straight and using a measuring tape. Ensure that the measuring tape is not pressing into your chest too much, as this will make the measurement inaccurate.
  • You can then measure your waist and hips by placing the measuring tape below your belly button and on the fullest part of your hips, respectively.

Once you've understood your body type, you can research which type of clothes will suit you the best.  

Apple Shape

If your waist and bust are the fullest parts of your body, you're considered to have an apple-shaped body. To highlight your strengths, we'd recommend wearing dresses and tops with deep V necklines. This will elongate your torso without highlighting your waistline.

A-line dresses with prints and monochrome colors and flowy sleeves will be the most ideal for you.

Hourglass Shape

If you've been identified to have an hourglass shape body, you have proportionate hips and bust with a smaller waistline. You may choose to wear figure-hugging dresses that will highlight your curves.

Dresses with V necklines can help you flaunt your torso and waistline. You can also opt for A-line dresses or similar body-hugging designs.

Pear Shape

For a pear-shaped body, you can choose to wear outfits that highlight the lower part of your body, giving the illusion of an hourglass body shape.

While discovering your personal style, make sure you choose a style that balances out your torso and lower part of your body.

A few recommendations for your body type would be skinny jeans, deep V neckline tops, A-line skirts, and crop tops.

Rectangular Shape

If you have a rectangular-shaped body, your legs are the asset you want to accentuate while dressing up. Consider adding low-rise and mid-rise jeans, empire dresses, and ruffled tops to your wardrobe to highlight your strengths. You can also wear tighter skirts to create a curvier look.

  A woman wearing a designer skirt

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