There are so many things you need to consider while picking jewelry, especially earrings. With so many options, i.e., traditional, minimalist, vintage, and modern, and the material of the earrings, it can be difficult to choose one that suits you and your style.

Fashion experts believe that to find the right pair of earrings, it's best to determine which earring shape suits your face the best.

This guide will help you choose the earrings that look the most flattering on you by examining your face's shape.

Oval-Shaped Face

Women with oval-shaped faces are the luckiest because they can wear just about anything and it will suit their faces. If you have an oval face and wide cheekbones, you'll be able to pull off any earring material and shape.

One earring style that you should try is dangly or teardrop-shaped earrings that will highlight your face without elongating it further. However, you can also experiment with other styles and choose one according to your preference.

Round-Shaped Face

When it comes to round shaped faces, it's recommended to wear elongated or square-shaped earrings. This way, the earrings won't highlight the narrow forehead and will help accentuate your cheekbones.

You can also experiment with dangly or teardrop-shaped earrings with a feminine material, i.e., gemstones and design. One shape you may want to steer clear of is round-shaped earrings.

Heart-Shaped Face

If you have a heart-shaped face, i.e., wider forehead and refined cheekbones, you can wear long earrings to highlight the beautiful curves of your jaws and cheekbones,

A long chandelier kind of earring will accentuate your prominent jawline and balance out the bottom curves.

Gemstone material earrings are the most suitable for people with an oval-shaped face as they can soften the chin's edges and showcase other beautiful features of their face.

Diamond-Shaped Face

If you've got a diamond-shaped face, you have prominent cheekbones with a narrow chin and forehead. As with the heart shape, the forehead is the most highlighted feature of your face. You can wear long dangling earrings to soften the sharp curves of your features.

One shape that you may want to avoid is a diamond shape. This may emphasize your forehead and other wider facial features.

Square-Shaped Face

People with square-shaped faces may consider wearing earrings with rounded designs and materials like gold or gemstones. This will soften the edgy cheekbones or jawlines.

Hoop earrings are a great choice for a formal event. One shape you shouldn't try is square-shaped earrings, as they may seem unflattering on the width of your face.

 A woman wearing long dangly earrings

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