You get to hear phrases like 'personal style' and 'signature look' on social media a lot. The hashtag 'personal style' alone has been used for more than three million posts.

So what exactly do 'personal style' or 'signature look' mean? Why are the terms used so often? A signature look goes beyond fashion. It's an individual's unique style that doesn't change with the evolving trends.

Celebrities who are well known for their distinctive style are Bruno Mars, Zendaya, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Gigi Hadid.

Here are valuable tips that will help you in finding your signature look:

Know Your Body

Your signature look must empower you and give you the confidence to deal with whatever may come your way.

Certain styles may look better on some shapes and not others. Don't try to convince yourself that you should wear and look good in something everyone else is wearing.

Find Your Style Inspiration

Another important thing is that you should have a style inspiration.

Start by gathering pictures of some of your favorite celebrities, style icons, or just people who you admire the most.

Try to find a common denominator among all your inspiration and begin finding your signature look from there.

Find the Best Outfit

Finding an outfit that best suits you is a good style moment you don't want to forget.

Record your good style moment by writing about it or photographing it. Find similar outfits that make you look and feel that good.

Go-to Clothes

Find some go-to outfits, aka outfits that never disappoint, and store those pieces together.

Your go-to outfit must include a couple of pants that always fit and never let you down—no matter what you've eaten the day before—and a dress or skirt that never wrinkles.

Your go-to clothes will be a major lifesaver on a day when you're pressed for time, or you want easy access to outfits that always work for you.

Store Outfits by Looks

Trust us, organizing your closet with looks rather than individual clothes will save you a lot of time.

It will also help you remember which outfit looks good with which accessories. This will save you a lot of time and energy when you need a great outfit ready for an event.

Keep Your Office Environment in Mind

No matter how crazy or unconventional you want to go, remember, you have a job to show up to every day!

If you have a conservational office environment, make sure you style your signature look accordingly and have fun.

Identifying Your Signature Item

After practicing these steps, you wouldn't have any problem identifying your signature look. When it comes to signature looks, repetition is reputation.

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