Outdoor events, parties, or just a casual day out with friends are incomplete without the perfect outfit, and a perfect outfit is incomplete without the perfect footwear! Most of us overlook the importance of finding the perfect pair of shoes, and spend most of our time buying party wear dresses online.

With the festive season around the corner, you’ll either be invited to a number of parties, or you’ll be hosting them. If you have the perfect outfits, but are confused about where to get women’s designer shoes on sale and the type of shoes you should be buying, don’t worry. We have put together a list of unique shoe types, and designs that will help you accentuate your overall outfit.

Let’s dive in, and start shopping for the festive season!

Lavender Heels for a Day Out

If you’re questioning our choice of color, we totally understand, but we’d still dare you to try it out. Lavender is a subtle color that pulls together the overall look of various outfits. You can head out for lunch or a day out with your friends, in comfortable lavender heels. Whether you’re wearing a white summer dress, or a casual dark outfit, lavender heels will only enhance the elegance of your overall look.

Tall Boots for the Winter

 A girl wearing tall boots, standing in front of a red car

One of the many things that are returning to the fashion world this winter season is tall boots. Whether you’re wearing a casual outfit, or if you’ve got a formal skirt on, choosing long boots will be the right footwear choice for you! Tall boots can be ideal for an open air gathering in the winters, they will keep your feet warm, and also add a graceful look to your outfit.

Durable Leather Flats

If you’re looking for long lasting footwear options, it’s time you take out your old-school leather flats and take them out for a spin again. Leather flats are extremely comfortable, and they work great with a formal look. If you’re heading for a corporate lunch, or a formal meet up, you can pair your blazer, pants, and a button down shirt with these leather flats for a look that will scream elegance.

Lace Pumps for a Special Occasion

If you’re attending a wedding this season, then you need lace pumps for the perfect delicate look. The cream and beige tones of these shoes will only add elegance to the overall look. If you don’t already have one, it’s time you include them in your collection of shoes.

Finding the perfect shoes can be tricky, especially if your attention keeps swaying back to designer clothes for women. However, if you’re still looking for a vast collection of bags, accessories, clothes, and other women’s designer shoes, then check out our stock at Swap Boutique. We have a wide variety of things you can choose from.

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