While cleaning out our closets, we should try and be more conscious of what we do with our garments and luxury designer dresses that we can't wear anymore.

People often wonder what to do with the used clothes they don't wear or that no longer fit. Luckily there are many ways to get rid of the clothes we no longer need sustainably and mindfully.

Here's how one can repurpose or recycle used clothes:

Charity Sale

You can host a garage sale and donate the money to a charity organization. This is an easy, fun, and impactful way to get rid of your used clothes.

Donating to Retailers

Businesses are becoming socially conscious, and companies now accept customers' unwanted clothing for recycling purposes.

These companies recycle the garments or turn garments like denim into housing insulation. Community buildings benefit greatly from housing insulation, making homes comfortable, and reducing the cooling and heating bills.

Many ethical brands offer a discount to customers who send their used clothes to charity and non-profit organizations.

Local Organizations

You can also seek out local organizations yourself and ask them beforehand what their criteria for donation are instead of dumping useless clothes mindlessly. Many organizations offer a wishlist of their requirements that you can use to get rid of your excess or used clothing.


Cotton, silk, wool, and hemp are compostable clothing materials. Make sure that these fabrics are pure and not blended with synthetic fibers like polyester.

You can shred these fabrics and compost them. Before you do, remove all the attachments like buttons, labels, zippers, or straps.

Cushion Stuffing

Fabric scraps can also be used for cushion or pillow stuffing. You can use your old t-shirts, towels and even bed covers to make the inner of a cushion.

It's a sustainable and money-saving hack for repurposing your used clothes.

Swapping it with Friends

You can also host a fun clothing swap party at your place and invite your friends and family over. Have all the party attendees bring at least ten used clothing items that they don't want to wear anymore. It's a great and exciting way to recycle your used clothes.


You can always patch up your clothes and create a new style. You DIY hacks to transform your favorite jeans into a vest.

Taking a few sewing classes or learning hacks from the internet can help you revitalize your favorite clothing items.

Consign and Resell


 hanging at a luxury consignment store in New Orleans

If you have designer shoes or designer dresses that no longer fit or you don't wish to wear them anymore, you can resell them on our couture consignment store and make an earning without having to leave your home.

You can also find designer dresses, designer accessories, and boutique handbags on our online store. Take a moment to browse through our virtual women's clothing boutique and buy designer items on sale.

Reach out to our team in New Orleans for more information and details.

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