While the pre-pandemic days were all about minimalism and understated charm, the opposite seems to be the approved theme for our post-lockdown days. It appears that designer clothes for women are set to stage a throwback to an age of bright colors, noisy patterns, and dramatic styles.

Now that we're well into fall, here are some you might want to keep your eye on.

1. Exaggerated Capes

We're pretty sure the last time we saw a cape or poncho was in an episode of The Walking Dead, and we all know how fashion-forward that show is. Well, ladies, we suggest you gear up for a season of faintly familiar outerwear everywhere.

Reach far (and we mean far) inside your closet, and you may just happen upon a half-decent cape. There are a few ways to style it, such as:

  • Contrast with a monochrome outfit and matching knee-high boots.
  • Letting it hang loose while paired with a wide-brimmed hat.
  • Securing its flutter with a belt and contrasting jewelry items.

two sweaters

2. Bright Monochromes

Most designers have already introduced their fall/winter collections for this year. While there's been something unique about each fashion line, they've all had one thing in common: bright monochromes.

Gianni Versace's2021 fall/winter collection bore an almost uncanny resemblance to his 1991 fall ready-to-wear collection due to the bright neon colors that took the ramp. If the designer's intention was to make the clothes feel like a breath of fresh air, he's more than succeeded in reaching that goal.

3. Super-Long Sleeves

You see, we weren't kidding when we said this season was going to be dramatic. Remember the super-long sleeves trend? Well, it's back with an extra helping of, well, extra.

So, expect to fit right in when embodying sleeves that go past your fingertips or skim just along your knuckles. While this isn't the most practical trend, it does keep your hands warm and add to your silhouette.

Plus, you can always roll up the sleeves when you have to eat, use the restroom, or do anything else that requires the use of your hands.

4. Metallic All the Way

The previously mentioned Versace collection featured more than one throwback. It also had metallics, sequins, and other shiny details that set the stage for a sparkly fall season.

This year, expect to find plenty of shiny knit sweaters, sequin-draped gowns, and shimmery jumpsuits in designer stores and couture consignments. Invest in a couple of articles to embrace the dramatic turnabout of the fashion world.

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