According to a National Retail Federation study, consumers are expected to spend over $10.14 billion on Halloween-related times in 2021. That's billions of dollars spent on items that won't see the light of day and will probably end up in a landfill somewhere.

This year, go easy on planet Earth by getting your freak on with regular clothes. Here's how.

1. The Stylish Skeleton

You don't have to buy a skeleton print costume to embody the undead this Halloween because:

  1. It'll just gather dust at the back of your closet for the rest of eternity.
  2. You can opt for face paint instead.

This year, buy a black dress you can wear anytime and anywhere, and finish it off with some face makeup. Draw a full or half skeleton face, or just draw a money mouth around your lips.

Recommended: Theory Size 2 Black Dress

2. The Detailed Devil

Red is the devil's color, and lucky for us, no one has seen one before to tell us otherwise. Experiment with your favorite shade of scarlet; add some devil horns and a tail to the ensemble to be the devil in the details. Literally.

Go with a shiny red leather two-piece, or embody the conservative she-devil with a high-neck and full-sleeve dress.

Recommended: Shoshanna Size 2 Red and Black Dress

3. The Trendy Witch

The only costume you need to channel a witch this Halloween is a pointy hat and pointy heels. Get those details right, and you can get as creative as you want with the rest.

We suggest you take this opportunity to break stereotypes about witchy getups. Don't go for dark and gloomy colors. Instead, try donning something with plenty of sass and sparkle. Put on a revealing minidress with a sequin bodice, or try on a two-piece with a dull top and shiny bottom.

Recommended: Elliatt Size S White Multi Dress

4. The Cruel Ella

The live-action remake of Cruella de Vil brought back fond memories of that iconic half black half white hair. Fortunately, Cruella is all about those black dresses, and who doesn't have at least one black dress in their wardrobe?

As for the wig, you can easily dye and style any extensions to emulate Cruella's hair. Even better if you've got a whip lying around somewhere. Pair these items with a black dress, and you'll be the cruelest Ella in a room.

Recommended: Saylor Size S Black Dress

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