Stemming from the era of popular sitcoms like Full-House and Friends, hip-hop, flared pants, and funky hairstyles, the 90s is possibly the most fashionable decade that we have come across in the past.

Anyone who loves the 90s has sat across their box television and obsessed over Uncle Jesse, had a large and attractive hairstyle, and loved the fashion from back then. If you’re one of them, then we’ve got good news!

Some of the 90s fashion has made its way back into the different fashion trends we have seen in 2022 and will witness in the upcoming years as well. Even though most of the fashion trends look very Gen-Z, if you look closely, you’ll find a range of similarities between the 90s fashion trends and what people are wearing now.

One of the reasons why most of the 90s fashion trends came back was the emergence of thrift and consignment shopping. Many people are now quitting fast fashion brands and investing in local consignment shops. Since most consignment shops have a range of products from different time zones, areas, and circumstances, you experience many clothing items that mirror different eras.

Let’s keep reading to discover how consignment shopping can help you find some of the greatest 90s fashion-inspired items.

Slip Dress & Comfort Shoes

We saw Rachel Greene in an emerald green slip dress and a pair of white converse, and we have been inspired ever since.

Wearing a slip dress with some comfortable sneakers has been one of the most relatable fashion trends that the 90s blessed us with. Even though people have become more fashion-conscious and exchanged comfortable shoes with stilettos, we love that the sneakers and slip dress combination is back in the markets.

Trendy Jumpsuits

: A woman wearing white and blue striped jumpsuit is tying her roller skates.

Jumpsuits were a rage back in the 90s. Didn’t we all see D.J. Tanner style fashionable jumpsuits in the later seasons of the show? And let’s be honest, we all wanted to become as confident, loving, and stylish as D.J. when we were young.

Similarly, in the recent fashion trends, many people choose jumpsuits for casual and official events. Many people would even pair a jumpsuit with a jacket and create a formal look for an important client meeting.

Baggy Jeans

Mom jeans and wide-legged jeans have been popular clothing items back in the 90s. Even though slim-fit jeans quickly replaced these jeans, many people just didn’t feel comfortable in such a tight fit.

Amongst the many designer pants that people are raving about, wide-legged bottoms and mom jeans are on the top of that list. People have gone back to preferring comfort over style, and they end up creating a far more fashionable look than they could have a few years ago. So, what are you waiting for? You can head over to a nearby luxury consignment store and get your hands on some top-quality jeans.

Denim Overalls

Denim overalls and dungarees were a huge thing back in the 90s. Most people are still carrying that tradition. A denim overall can give you a complete look. All you need to do is find a basic t-shirt or button-down shirt that helps you create the perfect look. Similar to jumpsuits, you can dress up or down using a dungaree or overall.

Plaid Shirts


You can’t complete an outfit from any era if you don’t have the right kind of designer tops. One of the greatest trends from the 90s has to be the plaid shirts and how commonly they are worn nowadays.

Men and women wear plaid shirts with casual jeans, cotton pants, or even skirts to create unique looks and different designs. These shirts are a great way to both dress up and dress down. Whether you want to look casual or add some bling, a plaid shirt is a great base to start with.

Flared Bottom Pants

If you’ve been a fan of the disco era, you know that flared-bottom pants had everyone going crazy after them. These pants were very easily styled and could create a number of looks within a few minutes. This is why when the flared-bottom pants came back into the fashion world, we couldn’t contain our excitement.

The relaunch of the style is very diversified. Many people are adding flared bottoms to jumpsuits, overalls, and more. This helps create a large range of clothing styles for many people.

Oversized Sweaters

We’ve seen Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and even Joey wear some loose and oversized sweaters back in the day. Let’s face it, what wouldn’t we give just to be around that coffee table at the Central Perk?

With that in mind, oversized sweaters have been super trendy in the past and they’re making a comeback in the present fashion industry. Many people are wearing oversized sweaters, cardigans, and a lot more.

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