With the winter season of 2022 upon us, building up your wardrobe to stay warm and stylish is crucial. After all, you need to have the perfect winter look when you go to pick up your hot maple latte. Later, when the snow starts falling, you will be ready in the comfiest of furs. Continue reading to learn about our top wardrobe essentials winter 2022.

1. Long Coat

A warm wool coat is a must-have for every winter wardrobe. Depending on where you live, you might want to opt for a coat made with thicker wool or one that’s a bit lightweight.

If you have to dress up, you can pair the coat with a sweater dress and heeled ankle boots. However, if you want to dress down, you can simply wear it with some casual pants and a pair of lug boots. Since winter can get quite chilly, a long winter coat is an excellent way to beat the cold and look amazing while doing it.

2. Knitted Sweaters

Sweaters are a must-have when it comes to layering in the cold winter weather. As a matter of fact, a chunky knitted sweater is going to be your best friend during the winter. Thus, make sure to buy as many as you can in various cuts and colors. Plus, they are stylish, comfy, warm, and so easy to wear that you just cannot stop loving them.

Knitted sweaters are a fantastic layering piece that goes with almost everything else in your winter wardrobe, including leather pants, midi skirts, printed trousers, and jeans. In simple words, knitted sweaters don’t really have a substitute when it comes to both style and comfort!

Wear knitted sweaters over a dress for a swift top-skirt changeup. You can also get a loose-fit sweater that you can easily layer over a t-shirt with long sleeves. Lastly, it’s best to opt for all-natural fabrics instead of synthetic fabrics.

3. Cashmere Sweater

Nothing is more effortlessly chic than a crewneck cashmere sweater. This stylish piece of layering is simple to dress down as it’s to dress up. It looks fantastic with a collared button-down shirt protruding from beneath and goes well with skinny jeans, white shirts, mini skirts, etc.

4. Puffer Coat

Winters can be quite unpredictable, and if you reside in a northern region, you are probably used to some nasty snowstorms. The best way to appear chic and remain warm infreezing temperatures is with a warm puffer coat.

You can opt for this wardrobe essential winter 2022, depending on the severity of the winters where you live. Go with a long and heavy puffer coat if you get months of snowfall. Ifsnow is a rare occurrence in your region, you can go with a puffer coat with a short length or one that’s more lightweight.

5. Oversized Scarf

Bundling up in winter is essential. An oversized scarf is an effortless and stylish addition to any winter wardrobe, and the bigger it is, the better it looks. There are plenty of ways to style this winter wardrobe essential. For instance, you can drape it over your shoulders or just wrap it around several times to get comfortable and warm.

Feel free to experiment with your scarves: choose various patterns, different textures, and vibrant colors to create a unique outfit combination. In all honestly, there is nothing you can’t love about oversized scarves: they keep you warm, work as an excellent layer, amp up even the dullest of looks, and take your style level to new heights.

There are several kinds of scarves you can get for the winter. For instance, you can get an infinity scarf for an endless circle of coziness and comfort or, you can get a scarf that can be knotted or draped loose.

6. Elevated Sweatshirt

You will see a lot of fashionistas gravitating more and more to sweatshirts lately. If you go to work every day, this might not be an important piece in your wardrobe. However, if you work from home mostly, an elevated sweatshirt is a great alternative to a sweater. The best thing about this winder wardrobe essential is that, unlike sweaters that have to be dry-cleaned or require special care, you can put them in the washer to clean them.

There are plenty of great options for sweatshirts that are cozy and comfortable but also stylish and flattering. Choose styles with interesting details instead of a basic hoodie or pullover. While you can wear a sweatshirt with sweatpants or leggings, it is much better to pair them up with jeans and sneakers.

7. Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses are perfect for the winter. You can wear it with tights and booties or boots to create a look that is effortless and chic. Plus, you can wear it to the office, on a dinner date, to church, or for lunch with your girlfriends.

It is best to wear a sweater dress with a slip underneath. Doing this will allow the dress to skim your body instead of clinging to any bumps and lumps. Moreover, it’ll prevent itfrom sticking to your tights.

8. White-Colored Articles

White is largely trending this winter season – blending mixed textures in shades of creams, neutrals, and whites is a simple way to attain an elevated look. If you want something casual, go with a basic white turtleneck, white denim jeans, and neutral Chelsea boots paired with a sleeveless white puffer jacket. You can finish the look with a leather belt and a crossbody bag. 

9. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are a staple in every winter wardrobe. Ever so versatile and stylish, these shoes never seem to go out of style. You can pair them up with tights and a dress to complete any look.

Last Few Words

Winter is the best time to showcase your unique style. Thankfully, looking stylish and staying warm is actually quite easier than it sounds! Nevertheless, whichever style you choose, make sure you layer properly.

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