Have you ever sat down and thought about the kinds of clothes you like? Unless you’re already a fashionista, you’ve probably not given your outfits enough thought. As a result, your closet is likely to be full of a random assortment of clothes that you’ve bought over the years without adhering to any definitive styles.

The key to looking amazing isn’t to follow every fashion trend; it’s sticking to your personal style.

What does personal style entail?

Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves. In fashion lingo, “personal style” usually refers to how a person expresses themselves through their hairstyle, accessories, and clothing choices.

Personal style isn’t restricted to any timelines and trends. You don’t need to follow the latest fashion trends to create your personal brand. You’ll look amazing in whatever you wear if you’re confident and happy with your personal aesthetic.

Here’s how you can find your personal style:

Inspect your wardrobe

Take a closer look at the contents of your wardrobe. Which clothes make you happy? What are some of your favorite outfits?

Think of why these pieces make you happy and look for signs of commonality. This will help you make more focused shopping decisions.

Seek inspiration

Not everyone has an innate sense of fashion or the knowledge to build the perfect aesthetic. Look around you and consult family members and friends whose styles you admire. You can use social media to observe the dressing styles of celebrities and influencers. From turtlenecks and blazers to casual leggings and crop tops, the choices are infinite.

Fashion blogs and magazines are also great sources of inspiration. You can use fashion magazines to create your aesthetic. Find bloggers whose personal styles intrigue you and look through the archives to find your personal favorites. You can learn about different style types to find the ones you align with the most.

Create a mood board

Mood boards are great for working on developing a personal style! After gathering all of your inspiration for fashion, you can compile it all into a single mood board and try to find the common trends. For instance, you may notice that most of the pictures you’ve added to your mood board have flowy dresses or ruffled tops.

Choose a handful of images that appeal to you the most and save them as a reference for when you go shopping. Remember, there’s nothing scary about experimentation! Play around with fashion and discover what makes you feel the best.

 : A woman in a coat and hat from an online consignment store

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