Are you thinking of shopping at our consignment online store? Before you jump into it, it's best to understand how consignment shopping works.

We’ve answered some top consignment shopping FAQs for you—have a look.

How Are Consignment Stores Different From Thrift Stores?  

Although consignment stores are based on a similar concept as thrift stores, there are some chief differences. Thrift stores are usually nonprofit ventures that accept any type of clothing donation. So, individuals donate their clothes and receive a receipt which can be used for tax deductions. Moreover, the goods' condition isn't evaluated; all goods are acceptable at thrift stores.

On the other hand, consignment stores usually pay every contributor for their clothes and accessories. The costs depend on the store and the quality of the clothing. These stores only accept items in good condition and the ones their shoppers would be interested in buying. After purchasing used items, consignment stores sanitize and wash them to ensure they look as good as new.

Do Consignment Stores Sell Clothes and Items in Poor Condition?

No, contrary to popular belief, consignment stores, such as Swap Boutique, aim to offer shoppers an affordable experience with preloved branded clothes. Before we buy clothes or items from any consignors, we evaluate every item to ensure they’re in good condition for our customers. In addition, we ensure they’re safe and clean to be worn again.

How to Determine if Products Are Branded at Consignment Stores?

 three branded bags

Customers purchasing their clothes, shoes, or handbags at Swap Boutique don’t have to stress about such hassles. As mentioned before, we accept any items from consignors, we check every item and ensure they’re authentic.

Moreover, our online platform has specifically mentioned our preferred brands. Some of the brands we accept include:

  • DVF
  • David Yurman
  • Vince
  • Chloe
  • Tibi, Halston
  • Prada
  • YSL
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Alice + Olivia
  • Christian Louboutin

Rest assured, our team does our due diligence to ensure we sell authentic brands.

Are you considering consignment shopping but can’t find a reliable luxury consignment online store? Swap Boutique is the consignment online store you need to check out.

At Swap Boutique, we take pride in offering individuals a brilliant consignment shopping experience with our clothes, handbags, shoes, and jewelry from top brands such as YSL, Theory, Christian Louboutin, Rag & Bone, Jamin Puech, Isabel Marant, Vince, etc.

Schedule your appointment or visit us to explore our designer clothes for women. 


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