While jewelry items and clothing go a long way, trends in designer bags come and go each year. This year was no different. The runways were inundated with all sorts of super classy and chic bags that complimented quality designer outfits to the tee!

Even when Gucci, Chanel, and Birkin had great bag collections on display, Marie Claire insists this year it was about preserving the best of fashion and style in bags. Bags on the runway were new and elegant, with a lasting sense of timelessness. High fashion brands did well in adding to the touch of sophistication a high-end branded bag should have!

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Find out more about the most popular bags of 2022.

The Classic Chanel Handbag

Introduced by Karl Lagerfeld years ago, the bag has a timeless touch of class. It’s supremely aesthetic to the eye with a petite body and a dangling gold chain. Perfect for all occasions, the Chanel bag complements every outfit you wear perfectly. The metal and leather interlaced bag depicts all the attributes of a stylish designer bag.

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The Saddle Tote Bag by Chloe

The Marcie saddle bags go with casual and hip outfits alike. They are the perfect types for office use or a light-hearted brunch. You can even pair them with the white of white without them taking away from your overall look. The bag comes with an adjustable leather strap and a perfect balance of classic and casual.

a luxury handbag

Style-Exuding Woven Bags

This one’s a standout trend of 2022 and has become overly popular among young adults. The woven bag is bohemian and beautiful at the same time. These woven bags are classics and come in neutral shades of whites and browns. The bag is not only good for a carefree stroll but also complements your office wear.

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