As far as jewelry embellishments go, turquoise owes its enduring popularity to modest pricing, bright coloring, and webbing. However, interest in the blue-green stone seems to be waning in recent years, with the younger generation preferring more minimalistic and simple designs.

Here's how you can look modern while accessorizing with turquoise jewelry.

Minimalize Your Stone

Turquoise isn't just a stone; it's also a color, but what does color have to do with minimalism? It turns out, color plays a pivotal role in minimalism, and there are two ways to tweak a loud shade like turquoise to give off this vibe:

The second option is clearly easier because you don't have to work too hard to throw on either a simple single-stone necklace or wear a tiny ring with a hint of turquoise with your business casual.


Minimalize Your Outfit

If you like big stones (and you cannot lie!), you can wear them and look modern as long as you adjust the rest of your ensemble. We suggest wearing bold turquoise jewelry with boring black gowns to give them a leg-up.

Our inspiration: Sophia Vergara at the 2014 Golden Globes red carpet. While her long black dress could've stood on its own, the actress chose to contrast it with a heavy leafy and flowery turquoise necklace.

We're almost done with 2021, meaning enough time has gone by since Vergara started the trend for you to bring it back with a dramatic necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Contrast with an all-black, white, or denim ensemble, and you're sure to elevate your look tenfold.

Add Color to Your Final Look

Wearing neutral colors like camel, beige, and white can make you look like Kim Kardashian at this year's Met Gala, albeit with facial features. In other words, your outfit may blend with your skin tone, making you look almost monochromatic, from head to toe.

Turquoise jewelry may bring some excitement to this neutrality, 'some' being the keyword. Put on a couple of turquoise bangles, or contrast your ensemble with an understated turquoise necklace. Don't wear any more than two accessories at the same time because it can be quite overpowering with subtler colors.

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