2023 is upon us, and it is time to upgrade your closet. Did you say designer wear is expensive?

Well, it doesn’t have to be.

Yes! You can get your hands on affordable designer clothing and more through consignment stores and flaunt original couture pieces at the next office party. Imagine that!

Now, the critical question is, where can you shop for luxury designer dresses online?

Swap has an incredible supply of designer clothing and handbags at prices that are sure to leave you speechless. So, how do you pick high-quality designer wear that is a good investment?

Continue reading to find out which affordable designer pieces you should opt for.

1. Spacious Handbags

Everyone needs a neutral-toned purse for that sleek and stylish look for work. These handbags are big enough to carry a laptop, a notebook, and other accessories every boss lady needs on the go. The oversized handbags are a staple that working women should have in their possession.

The intricate details like the buckles, chains, and motifs add to its charm and really make the neutral-colored handbags pop.

Purchase boutique handbags online from Swap. Find handbags of different designs for every outfit and occasion.

2. Solid Colored Luxe Party Wear Dresses

Are you planning to party a lot in 2023? In that case, you really need to buy affordable designer clothing that will make the spotlight follow you at every event. Designer dresses have pretty details that elevate a simple dress to do so much more.

Knowing the kind of dress you should wear to highlight those beautiful womanly curves is essential. Pick the right dress that gives you the oomph you need to be your best self and raise the roof with your friends.

If that’s not your forte, browse the website and find extravagant designer party-wear dresses that are more your style.

3. Designer Tops

A well-designed top completes the look and gives you the edge of standing out in the crowd. Designer tops come in various styles and cuts that complement your body. Moreover, you can choose from different fabrics that you are comfortable with.

When buying from a consignment store, you get to browse through a great variety and get the chance to see multiple global designer brands and the most sought-after designs in one place.

Designer tops give you the freedom to pair outfits together and look fashionable every time. When going to brunch, wear a designer top with a flowy skirt. Off to work? Switch the skirt with some pants and add a coat or blazer to achieve a trendy suit look. Turn on your designing charms to work the magic with designer tops.

4. Jumpsuits/Rompers

Jumpsuits look incredibly classy and elegant at parties. However, it is essential to choose one that suits your body type. Many people complain about jumpsuits being uncomfortable, but designer jumpsuits are not only comfortable, but they also stand out and are perfect for a smart-casual look.

Rompers are another piece of affordable designer clothing you can find at Swap. Rompers are trendy and lift your entire look because of their cuts and fitting. They give your body a sculpted look that adds drama to your outfit.  

5. Statement Jackets

Are you interested in elevating a plain old office look? Add a statement jacket!

A statement jacket ensures you are the talk of the town. These are a spectacular addition to your closet and are a superb investment. Jackets, blazers, and coats instantly turn your outfit from casual to office chic.

Jackets come in different materials, patterns, sizes, and designs. Additionally, you can mix and match with other pieces and see what works best for you. Designer jackets are a fashion statement that can dress you up in seconds or pull you toward a casual look, depending on how you put it together.

Buy women’s designer jackets online and find exclusive pieces at Swap that earn you bonus points every time you step out.  

6. Designer Skirts

Do you want to upgrade your wardrobe with timeless classic pieces that not only elevate your look but also make you appear the epitome of posh and high-class fashion?

Add skirts to your collection but not just any skirts. Look for skirts with a flattering cut. Whether you go for a bold color like red or a sophisticated black, it is the cut that adds value to your entire outfit.

Skirts are great companions for a date night or a formal work event. That said, skirts are versatile and can be paired with different accessories to boost the elegance of an outfit. At Swap, you will definitely find something for every occasion.

7. Mini Shoulder Bag

It can be quite annoying to carry a humongous handbag everywhere. While an oversized bag is perfect for work, you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in it on a night out. Time out with friends or date nights require you to be comfortable.

In such cases, you need a mini shoulder bag with straps that you can comfortably carry with ease. Such handbags have enough space to carry your phone, a card, some cash, and your favorite travel-size makeup to powder your nose.

Designer mini shoulder bags come in beautiful prints and patterns. Moreover, the statement details make the handbag look exclusive and stylish.

The Last Word

2023 can be your year to become the best dressed among your peers. Add valuable classic pieces to your personal collection and wow everyone with your style.  

Consignment stores in Baton Rouge offer bright and affordable designer clothing and much more. Designer pieces are exclusive, durable, and elegant items you can add to your collection.

At Swap, we provide you with the opportunity to consign with us and make some dough. So go through your closet and pick fabulous designer pieces you no longer use and get paid to pass them on to someone who can cherish it.

Get in touch today to book an appointment.

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