As fashion enthusiasts, we all love Prada! But if you've been following our journey and reading our blogs like us, you'd know our obsession with Prada bags. Prada handbags, shoulder bags, tote bags, or satchels will never go out of style. The only downside to this amazing designer product is the cost. Prada, like other high-end brands, isn't accessible to all fashionistas. Fortunately, you can buy a designer product like a Prada bag from a consignment store like ours at discounted rates.

Before buying a second-hand designer handbag, ensure you know how to spot a fake Prada handbag from an original one so you don't get scammed. By the end of this blog, you will be able to check the authenticity of any Prada bag.

Overall Look

There are a few methods to review and authenticate a designer handbag. One common way to ensure the authenticity of your Prada bag is by matching the overall look with the original picture from the website. This way, you can spot the differences (if any) and ensure they have the same authentic look and feel.

If the bag looks slightly different than the original shown on the website, it's your sign that the bag is a replica and, therefore, fake.

Checking the Logo

It's difficult for some people to be able to spot a fake Prada handbag just by the overall look method, which is why we advise you also to try the logo method. Prada is a popular high-end brand with a very recognizable logo. If the fake Prada bag's logo letters are slightly small or bigger than usual, it should be a major red flag. Replicating every detail of the logo is difficult, and a fashion enthusiast with keen eyes can easily spot the fake from the authentic.

The Bag Closures

Another method of spotting a fake Prada bag is by checking the closures of the bag. Most Prada has magnetic closures and replicates low-quality magnets, making the bag's closure a bit bumpy. If the closure process isn't smooth and the magnet attached is thicker, then it means that the bag is a replica and not an authentic Prada. This is one of the easiest ways to spot a fake bag.

The Stitching and Interior of the Bag

While buying a second-hand Prada bag, check the stitching and the interior of the bag to ensure it's authentic. A fake Prada bag will have rough and sloppy stitching, making it easy to spot a replica.

Prada also strictly controls the products' quality, which is why you can check the interior linen of the bag and make sure it has a smooth and soft texture as would the authentic Prada bag.

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