he new year is here and with it comes the opportunity to up your trousers game, especially if you want to look trendy and fashionable in 2023. Things have changed quite a bit over the last year and we have moved on from mom jeans and skinny trousers to more contemporary and timeless modern-classic trends.

These trends make it a great time to shop at consignment stores in Baton Rouge and invest in staple pieces and affordable designer clothing including trousers and vintage wear. You can easily find affordable pieces that go with the latest sartorial obsession.

Consignment online shops and brick and mortar stores will allow you to take your trouser game to new heights in 2023, without breaking the bank!

Swap offers a wide range of designer clothing including trousers, handbags, and shoes at a fraction of the retail price. We will discuss quality designer wear ahead, where we tell you all about the essential trousers you need in your wardrobe for the new year.

 Smart Loose-Fit Suit Trousers

Loose-fit suit trousers are back, bigger than ever. They can easily become the foundation of any modern wardrobe in 2023, which makes them essential trousers to have in your wardrobe. They look stunning with almost any top you can tuck in.

We recommend opting for a smart trouser suit, because not only will it give you a stylish and classic formal outfit, but you can wear the trousers and blazer individually as well.

Pairing them (particularly the trousers) with casual items in your wardrobe can give you an excellent laid-back or relaxed look, without seeming too shabby. Opt for high-waist trousers with an oversized look.

They can give your casual and corporate looks a more trendy, fashionable edge. You can go for a black or navy colored pair, but neutral colors go just as well with other pieces in most wardrobes.

Moreover, a single pleat in the front can give these trousers a more timeless, modern-classic look we talked about earlier. While designer trousers should be your go-to option, especially from consignment stores in Baton Rouge, you can also opt for bespoke suit trousers from a trusted tailor.

Tailor-made pieces can fit you like a glove for an exceptional look, but be sure to opt for high-quality fabrics if you are going to invest in a bespoke trouser suit. That way, the suit can last you a lifetime with a little TLC.

 Slouchy Jeans

If you really want to make a statement at your next brunch or social gathering, a nice pair of slouchy denim trousers is your best bet. They have a mid-to-low rise and exaggerated wide legs that give them a baggy feel.

You can pair them with your favurite denim shirt tucked in, smart sunglasses, and a healthy dose of bright gold jewelry for the coolest, most relaxed look of the season. While a pair of light-wash slouchy jeans is the most versatile option, you can even opt for an over-dyed pair that goes well with white casual shirts.

 Wide-Leg Trousers

By now, you can probably tell that high-waist, loose-fit, slouchy, and wide-leg trousers are the running theme for the new year. Wide-leg trouser silhouettes have been dominating the fashion scene for quite a few seasons, and there is no sign of stopping in sight.

They are quickly becoming a classic staple in high-fashion, which is probably why classic, single-pleat options are also becoming so trendy. A pair of black or navy wide-leg trousers are among the most essential trousers you can get for your personal collection this year.

We recommend opting for satin, designer trousers with a high-waist and preferably a pleat, to go with the latest trends. The great thing about such a pair is that they are a classic that will likely remain in fashion for a long time and still look great once they come off the catwalk.

 Cargo/Utility Trousers

You may be surprised to learn that cargo or utility trousers are essential trousers to have in your wardrobe for the new year, but it’s true. Whether you hate them or love them, they are back in high-fashion.

Trend-setting, fashionable celebrities have been wearing them regularly this past year and they have also quickly become a fan-favorite. To further polarize your view on these utility trousers, the choice of color this year is sand, which is just a lighter shade of casual khaki.

Who would’ve thought that khaki-ish cargo trousers would make a fashionable pair in 2023. Once again, the modern silhouette of wide-leg, slouchy, with a high-waist is carried forward to cargo/ utility trousers.

We recommend pairing them with a lace tank top, preferably in white or a nude or neutral color. It may be tough to find cargo trousers in most designer stores, but consignment stores in Baton Rouge will likely have an affordable pair of designer utility trousers waiting for you.

 White Trousers

Another timeless modern-classic, white trousers are essential trousers that every woman needs in her wardrobe, especially for the summer of 2023. Go for a high-rise, wide-leg pair to really seal the deal for a contemporary look in the new year.

Pair them with a loose-fit white shirt tucked-in at the waist, or opt for a boxy, oversized blazer in a pastel color. it is better to go for a soft, drapey white fabric for these trousers, that look relaxed and laid-back.

You will likely find a good pair of affordable, white designer trousers at most consignment online shops.

Final Thoughts

The trousers mentioned above are essential trousers every woman needs in her wardrobe for the new year. You can be certain that you will have a great pair to flaunt at any occasion. From casual hang-outs and brunches to corporate meetings and date nights, there is nothing this selection doesn’t cover.

We highly recommend investing in designer trousers for your wardrobe, especially because these modern-classic silhouettes and looks will never go completely out of fashion. You can effectively use these trousers for years to come.

Of course, you will need to put in a little TLC for designer trousers to last you this long. Ultimately, they look and feel much better than fast fashion items. Just because something is designer doesn’t necessarily mean it’s expensive.

Take your time to invest in designer pieces and buy them from consignment stores like Swap in Baton Rouge. Such stores and online consignment shops allow you to buy designer trousers on a tight budget.

Swap offers high-quality affordable designer trousers, clothes, shoes, handbags, and much more. These pieces are a lot more exclusive, durable, elegant, and simply better than any variety of fast fashion trousers and clothing.

At Swap, we provide you quality consignment pieces at affordable prices that can last you a lifetime. Get in touch with us today to find the most fashionable and essential trousers to add to your wardrobe for the new year.

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