Consignment stores are the perfect place for eco-conscious people to splurge without guilt. You can find all your favorite designer clothes and shoes at discounted prices. Additionally, it also allows consignees to declutter their wardrobe, and instead of throwing away new garments that will end up in landfills, the clothes and accessories are reused by others.

Consignment stores are the need of the hour as this approach helps in reducing textile waste and helps make the fashion industry more sustainable. Many myths and misconceptions surround consignment stores despite all their benefits.

Here are a few common consignment myths debunked:

Myth 1: Consignment Store Items are Old

One of the most common myths among buyers is that clothes and accessories bought from consignment stores are in bad condition or old.

We believe many people get confused between thrifting and consignment. Consignment stores' clothes and accessories are not only in good condition, but you can also find new and unused items there.

The stores provide consignees with an opportunity to recycle their wardrobes, including items they haven't used at all. Even the pieces that are old or outdated are in good shape.

Myth 2: Consignments Don't Have Designer Pieces

Many people believe that consignment stores only sell local or other unknown brands of clothes and accessories that are in bad shape.

This couldn't be farther from the truth. Consignment stores sell mostly high-end designer products. However, they're the first pieces to sell. If you follow a consignment store in your neighborhood, follow them over social media or their website to keep an eye out for the new items added to their collection. Knowing ahead of time will increase your chances of finding high-end designer clothes.

Myth 3: Consignment Stores are Unorganized and Messy

Another myth about consignment stores is that they're extremely messy. However, this isn't true at all.

Since consignment stores have many miscellaneous items, the stores are always organized and categorized according to colors, size, or brands. This makes it easier for shoppers to find the item they're looking for.

You'll find a lot of variety and options at consignment stores. Additionally, if you couldn't understand the organization of the store, you could always ask someone to help you out and understand their method.

We assure you that you'll feel like you're at any regular boutique, only with lower rates and more variety!

Myth 4: Consignment Store Products are Unhygienic

Consignment store managers don't accept items that are ripped, old, stained, or otherwise dirty. They require their consignees to dry clean their clothes before sending them in.

  Consignment store manager assorting designer tops for women

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