The fashion industry mass-produces clothes, shoes, and accessories like never before, which has contributed heavily to climate change. The gases, chemicals, and other harmful substances emitted into the surrounding have caused several environmental damages.

These devastating environmental effects of fast fashion have contributed to the world becoming more vocal and aware of alternate fashion choices. Subsequently, luxury consignment stores, thrift shops, and other sustainable fashion options are surfacing globally today.

Many people have switched from expensive brands and mass-producing clothing stores to local consignment stores for clothes, bags, designer shoes, and more. Swap Boutique has created a designer women’s boutique where people can buy designer handbags, shoes, and clothing items.

We also offer a chance to sell designer clothes and other accessories. If you’re new to the world of consigning, here is a very extensive guide that can assist you in consigning with our store. Let’s begin!

Refresh Your Wardrobe& Start Earning

Have you been hogging clothes you no longer wear but feel are extremely expensive to give away? You should consider selling these clothes and earning some of your expenditure back.

At Swap Boutique, we offer our potential business partners a range of consigning options. You no longer have to hold on to clothes that only take up space in your closet. Take some time and take out these clothes, give them a good spin in the washing machine, or have them dry-cleaned and head over to us, and we’ll put them on a shelf.

We offer a 40% commission to our consignors, but they can also opt for a 50% in-store credit instead of a monetary commission. However, if you have designer and couture items you need to consign, you can easily earn a flat 50 to 60% commission on each sale. So, what are you waiting for? Consign your old clothes to us, and make space for newer clothes in your wardrobe.


Brands We Accept

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Before you reach out to us about consigning your preloved items, let’s first look at what we accept. Since we are a luxury women’s clothing boutique, we encourage consignors to send branded and couture items to us. However, we store only certain brands on our shelves for our consignors to maintain streamlined quality.

Some brands we welcome for clothing, shoes, designer handbags, and accessories are DVF, Rebecca Taylor, David Yurman, Prada, YSL, and more. You can check out our consigning details to learn more about the brands you can send in.  


Moreover, according to our policies, there are some brands that we cannot accept and showcase; these include Forever 21, Old Navy, Massimo, Gap, etc.

We Take Seasonal Items

When taking clothes and accessories, we ensure that every item we store is relevant to the running season. We will accept spring/summer/fall/winter wear depending on the current season and clothes and accessories for the following season to create additional stock.

This is so that all our stock is relevant, helpful, and unique for all our customers.


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Our online consignment store has very high traffic throughout the year, so coordinating can become overwhelming for our team. This is why we make sure all our consignors get to meet with us through an appointment.

You can head over to our website and schedule an appointment, and we will meet with you shortly to ensure that all stock is being effectively used and that nothing is being sidelined due to the high traffic. With scheduled appointments, we can ensure that our staff pays proper attention to you and your designer items.


Despite providing a platform for preloved and secondhand things, we still like to maintain a level of quality for all our customers. We make sure that all the items we showcase have been selected carefully to ensure a boutique-like experience.

Subsequently, we have some strict conditions and authenticity guidelines we want all our consignors to follow. They include the following:

  • All your items should look new and not excessively worn out.
  • Your items should be fashion and season relevant.
  • Make sure all your items are freshly laundered and ironed to ensure their best appearance.
  • None of the items should have holes, stains, missing accessories, or torn.
  • Your clothes should have intact labels, tags, logos, and initials to ensure the brand's authenticity.

We Have a Strong Contract

We make sure your consigning experience and our business experience are nothing short of professional. We offer a clear consignment contract that states all our acceptance, return, selling, and other monetary agreements. This helps us clearly map our costs of business, the competition, and the requirements we need our consignors to meet.

Before consignors can send us items, make sure you read all the agreements clearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you’re new to consigning, you will have several questions about the process, the cost, the money, and more. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions to help simplify your consigning journey with Swap Boutique.

Should I Hand Clothes on Hangers?

Even though bringing your clothes on a hanger isn't necessary, we still prefer hangers as it makes it easier for us to sort and categorize your clothes. Moreover, bringing your clothes on hangers will help us keep them wrinkle-free for longer.

But, if bringing clothes on a hanger feels inconvenient, you can always iron and fold all your clothes nicely.

How Will Your Price My Items?

According to our policy, we price each item at, at least 60 – 80% of the original retail value. However, the pricing will depend on the item's condition, style, demand, and relevance to current fashion.

At Swap Boutique, we take extra care to bring our customers some of the best designer pants for women and designer tops on sale. We enable several women in our surroundings to get their hands on some top-quality women’s designer clothing, shoes, and bags.

Find party dresses, couture consignment, and designer bags through our platform. For more information, get in touch with our representatives today.


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