Designer consignment is an arrangement wherein owners of luxury items place them on resale via a third-party store which gives the items exposure to prospective buyers at discounted prices.

Although the resale market is a thriving industry, shopping for used apparel doesn’t exactly have the best reputation. Whether it’s due to willful ignorance or a lack of research, purchasing goods second-hand will be met with upturned noses as a result of misconceptions commonly attributed to such a venture.

With the experience we’ve garnered over the course of many years, we know the consignment industry from the inside-out and are therefore in a position to refute false claims and clarify misjudgment that people might have about consignment shopping. It’s time for some fact-checking!

False Claim 1: No Luxury Items

It is widely believed that “thrifting” is only for unbranded, inexpensive clothing and that you couldn’t possibly run across a high-fashion item secondhand. But take it from us, there is no truth to this, because we are quite literally and exclusively a designer consignment store! It’s only a matter of finding the right place, and then getting your hands on a pre-owned genuine luxury product is as realistic a possibility as can be.

False Claim 2: Items Are Run to the Ground

Like false claim number one, the narrative that only heavily used apparel is sold through consignment can also be refuted. In the case of good consignment stores that have very strict policies in place, items are put under scrutiny before they even have the chance to be approved. The store will inspect the clothing for missing parts, loose threads, stains, and basically all kinds of imperfections.

This is exactly why generously worn or used items don’t even pass the initial quality check, so you’re unlikely to ever come across one, given that your store is reliable.

 Apparel displayed on mannequins

False Claim 3: Unorganized Collections

Thrift shops and consignment stores are not interchangeable. A consignment store is independently run and functions in much the same way your average boutique would. Items for resale are hand-selected and are sorted out in various categories, including purpose, season, fabric, brand name, and more!

False Claim 4: Unsanitary Items

It is believed that secondhand clothing is always germ-ridden and unhygienic. However, reputable consignment stores have strict prerequisites for items that are given the thumbs-up to be allowed for resale. Sellers are asked to sanitize, wash or dry clean, and iron their items before handing them over to consignment.  Again, it’s only a matter of finding a consignment store that is on top of safety and cleanliness standards.

We’re Swap Boutique, a designer consignment store in New Orleans with the largest collection of designer handbags, dresses, and accessories from some of the most hallmark luxury fashion houses like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, & Prada. With us, you can rest assured that all our collections are carefully hand-picked to ensure quality. You’re welcome to purchase luxury items with us any time! Connect now.

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