A fresh start. A blank slate. A new leaf.

This New Year, don’t forget about your closet!!! Now is the time to clean out and purge! We ALL have those pieces that we fell head-over-heels in love with at the store but when we got home, it just wasn’t the same. And then it sat there hanging in the closet for months on end, past the return date—if there even was one. What if that piece could be out at a New Year’s Party making someone feel as confident and gorgeous as ever? What if that piece was able to get you a little extra cash—enough to buy you that necklace you’ve been eyeing? What if that piece had a chance to find a new home in someone else’s wardrobe?

Clean Out

1. Clean Out & Purge

Set aside a few hours to start going through your entire wardrobe. All seasons, everything! There’s no better feeling than stepping into a perfectly organized closet with everything in its place and a place for everything. Make three piles: keep, donate, and consign. Only keep the pieces that you have worn in the past year. Haven’t worn it? Think hard! Can you picture yourself wearing this piece next season? What would you wear it with? Is it still relevant to your personal style and lifestyle? If the answer is YES: keep it! If the answer is NO: decide where the piece should find a new home! A local charity OR making a little return for you at a consignment shop!

2. Make Some Extra Change

When going through your items to be considered for resale keep these things in mind: brand, season, and condition. The items should be within the past couple years and a style that is still relevant today. Most resale shops will only sell things seasonally, however check with your local shop. For condition, be sure to freshly launder or dry clean each of the items and look them over to check for stains, pilling, holes, etc. When you’re consigning your items it’s always best to present them to the shop in their best shape. Once your items are on consignment, sit back and watch the earnings come in! This extra change can be put towards your new 2016 wardrobe!

3. Get Inspired

Now that you’ve cleaned out and got some return for your unworn items, it’s time to start thinking about your new wardrobe! Make a list of essential pieces that you are missing that will help make styling outfits easier and give you countless options. A black skirt, a pair of flare jeans, a little black dress, a gray cardigan, a pair of nude pumps. Those missing puzzle pieces that would make your life so much easier! Hit up Pinterest for styling inspiration. Research the 2016 runway trends. Scour through fashion magazines. Inspiration is everywhere! Take some time to develop your personal style. Vow to find new inspiration with every season this year. This will keep your wardrobe fresh.

4. Smart Purchasing

Before you checkout think of three ways that you could style this piece. Can it work through different seasons? Can you wear it in a few different social settings? Will you wear it often enough? Shopping consignment and resale shops is a great way to never pay full price! Otherwise it’s all about the sale rack! If you fall in love with a full price piece in stores…. Hold your horses! Chances are that this item will go on sale or there will be a coupon out there. Be smart!

5. Dress for You

This year, promise yourself this: you’ll wake up every day and dress for you! You won’t worry about what others will think, you won’t hesitate to try a new style or trend, and you won’t think twice about it!

 Dress for YOU!

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